7 Reasons for Bad Breath. Banish it now

Ever felt so embarrassing to talk to your closed one? Blame your bad breath for this.

How is bad breath caused?

Brushed quiet a lot more time and used too many mouthwashes but bad breath can still linger if you have halitosis.
Most of the bad breath in the mouth is caused by certain foods like:

  1. Breaking down of food particles around the teeth can increase the growth of bacteria and increase the pungent odor in your mouth. After digesting this kind of food like garlic or onion goes into the blood and affect your breath, hence causing bad breath.
  2. If you have skipped your meal for day long then you are sure to fire bad breath. Skipping meals not only causes the problem but the same time triggers many health harms.
  3. If you’re into smoking or nurturing any other unpleasant habits like drinking, then the smell lingers in the mouth.
  4. Maintenance of poor oral health or skipping oral hygiene can increase the growth of bacteria. A sticky film of bacteria, we call it as dental plague will eventually settle into your mouth.
  5. Saliva is the cleansing agent in your mouth, but some people have a tendency of decreased saliva, which results in dry mouth. Chronic dryness in mouth or xerostomia causes the problem in salivary glands and other diseases.
  6. Infections in your mouth sometimes can cause bad breath, which has been caused due to gum diseases, tooth decay or mouth sores.
  7. Diseases like pneumonia, diabetes, acid flux or chronic strain can give you bad breath.

Prevent bad breath with following measures:

  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene, like brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, before you go to sleep.
  • Stop smoking or in taking any tobacco based product in your mouth.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, sucking on candies that will help to generate saliva and hence curbing dry mouth.

If you still feel the persistence of bad breath then Long Falls Dentistry will diagnose to curb your problem.
Let the words of your mouth remain fresh.

Natural Cures for Common Dental Issues

The natural cure for the dental issue is always preferable besides brushing and flossing. Are you seeking a solution that is not only effective but also will refurbish your oral health?

Natural cures are wrapped with astringent properties, antiviral agents that heal the pain at much faster pace.

1. Baking soda

This active agent will not only help to fight tooth decay but this can restrict the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Mix the peroxide with water to weaken the paste, if the ratio of water is not in right amount it can burn your gum.

2. Green tea

Green tea extract will help your teeth from getting damaged. If you have a habit of in taking a large number of starchy foods then ask someone who regularly drinks green tea, you’ll get to know that this not only heals your gum but protects a tough shield in your enamel.

3. Eucalyptol, menthol, and tea tree

Have faith in these oils, it not only helps in killing all the bacteria but at the same time it will protect the gum from getting inflamed.

4. Clove

Clove oil has antibacterial properties. Clove oil has eugenol extract that you can get from clove bud. It is a natural analgesic agent, which heals dental pain.

5. Garlic paste

This has been used by many for centuries, add a pinch of salt to ginger paste and if you can chew additionally a clove then you can find the best result.

6. Vitamin D

This is the best which prevents bacteria to settle in your mouth. Studies have shown that if you’re suffering from gum diseases then this is the best effective solution. Eggs, fishes, tuna, salmon and orange juices are rich in Vitamin D.

Dental problem can sprung up anytime; try to mitigate any dental issues by having this homely and natural diet. But not always your problem has the above solution. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Long Fall Dentistry will assist you under their professional care. Call us 315-493-1581 to schedule an appointment.

6 Foods that Helps to Bring Back the White Teeth

The other side of yellow teeth lays, despair.

60 % people are reporting of the discolored tooth and feel unhappy about the fact. Instead of seeking harsh chemicals you can try out some of the foods that will help you to whiten your teeth and will gift you with the best smile.

6 foods can bring back the original shade of the teeth.

1. Strawberries

Eating fruits daily is the best way that can help you to achieve white teeth. Strawberry has the secret to whiten your teeth and return it back to its original shade. This juicy treat contains natural bleaching agent in it, which helps to remove the streak.

2. Cheese

Cheese has a lot of lactic acid in them which helps to protect your teeth from decay and helps you to get ten times brighter shade. This dairy product has an excellent source of calcium in them which helps in keeping your teeth and gum healthy.

3. Broccoli

Toss some of these green florets and have them, instead of cooking green veggies this will not only act as a scrubber but at the same time will protect a shield in your enamel and will not allow bacteria to settle.

4. Apples

Crunchy fresh fruits are always an excellent source to remove stains and to give you a brighter smile. The acid in the apple works as a mild astringent to get rid of plague and clean gums.

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a compound called lentinan that hinders the growth of bacteria in the mouth. It helps to reduce plaque and is one of the smartest ways that you can eliminate unwanted cavity.

6. Water

Water helps you keep your Ph level inside your mouth to reduce the acid level in your mouth. Staying hydrated is the best thing that you can do to keep your skin and your dental health on point. It will not only clear your unwanted food particles but at the same time will prevent stain in your teeth.

Teeth stains can occur due to many reasons see the following:

You’re aging

Teeth start to become yellow; the hard protective layer starts to decay, exposing the dentin. With aging teeth also goes under wear and tear and the yellow layer gets exposed.

Smoker can never get rid of stains

If you’re the smoker; then stains won’t really go away from your mouth, instead it will start to darken more.

Yellow is in your gene

If you see that your teeth have a yellow hue since your birth, then it is in your gene. This kind of yellowish hue cannot be fixed naturally instead you must visit your dentist.

Embarrassed to smile with yellow teeth, you can try the above remedies to whiten up. But if all these cannot prevent your discoloration then Long fall Dentistry will assist you in cleaning up your stains and giving you back the natural color.