Tooth Fillings

Repair damaged, cracked​ or decayed teeth

Restorations made simple

Restorations are made simple with our tooth-colored or composite dental fillings in ​Carthage NY. ​Tooth Filling is a type of restorative dentistry that takes the lead when it comes to treating teeth with moderate or mild decay. Once, metal fillings was the only option which no doubt didn’t appear that great. However, today patients can have tooth colored fillings that is more than a boon to many for it allows you to keep the natural appearance of your teeth, intact.


​The process begins with identifying the areas of tooth decay and then select the most appropriate restorative treatment that will suit you the best. Thanks to today’s updated and latest technology. There are various methods that Dr. Zeeshan Salam can apply and before getting any further, we will be taking you through the entire process in details so that you can understand exactly what we will do. Our primary goal is not only to get the tooth filling process completed, but also ensure a strength and long lasting natural appearance.


Smile with confidence

​Is decayed or damaged tooth leaving you with concerns? Fret not and embrace white tooth filling - the best choice for restoring your oral functionality and well-being. We welcome you to visit our dental office and schedule an appointment. You can also call us or write to us through our contact us page.

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