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​When it comes to dental implants, at Long falls Dentistry, we offer the most comprehensive implant care - starting from restorations up to implant placements. For successful results, Dr. Zeeshan Salam recommends getting all your implants from one dental office. Your dentist will have a well planned treatment sequence for you which will not only suffice to your needs but will allow you to get the best dental care. Irrespective of whether you’ve received your implants from Dr. Salam or from another clinician, we are pleased to create and place custom restorations for you to complete your implant. Also, in case of repairs, we can conveniently offer corrective measures or replace restorations right at our dental office. Your smile and satisfaction matters the most to us. Thus, we design and engineer each restoration as per your individual need using the highest quality and durable materials.

Dr. Salam with his patient
Dr. Salam's view on the standards of tooth replacement
When it comes to knowing the standards of tooth replacements, dental implants tops the list. It is the most efficient solution for replacing one or several missing teeth, and even if you are missing all your teeth. What makes it popular is its ability to resemble the appearance and function of your natural teeth. In today’s time dental implant surgery is way less invasive and less traumatic than it used to be just a decade ago. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a complementary implant consultation with us, today!

​Missing a tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth? We can restore them all.​
single implant
One tooth
​If you’re looking for a single tooth replacement, we provide you with the simplest solution - single dental implants. To get ​a visually natural​ tooth replacement, schedule an appointment today!
multiple implant
Multiple Teeth
​When you have more than one missing tooth, multiple tooth implants can be a good option. Talk to us and we will let you know if you are an eligible candidate for multiple dental implants.
full arch implant
Full Arch
​A full mouth implant can be the choice for those who needs a complete solution to multiple missing teeth. Dr. Salam will work with you and determine the best solution to give you back your smile.
​On-site Dental Implant Repairs​
​Dental implant often need repairs similar to typical dental repairs. No doubt implants are placed inside the mouth as a permanent tooth replacement option. However, they can still fall prey to chips and cracks just like natural teeth. Injuries and trauma to the mouth or face can raise the need for implant repairs. Dr. Salam and his team of experts understands that cracks, chips or breakage on the implant can leave you stressed. That’s why we are here to help you in restoring the smile of your desire at our Carthage NY dental office. We fabricate and create dental implants right on-site which means that you can get back your smile in less time and without waiting.

dental care

​Exceptional and revolutionary dental care starts with Dr. Zeeshan Salam. As one of the most sought after dentists in the Carthage NY area, Dr. Salam and his team ensures creating a relaxing environment when you visit our dental office. Injury, tooth decay and trauma are some of the prominent reasons that affect millions of Americans every year. But not everyone pays a visit to the dentist - the reason being, not everyone are aware of the importance of replacing a missing tooth. Teeth is one of the vital components which adds to oral well-being. A missing tooth [the empty space] affects the neighbouring teeth leaving the jaw bone vulnerable to a variety of complications, including weakening of the bone. If not treated, it can initiate a downhill cycle, meaning further tooth loss. Dental implants not only enhance your smile aesthetically but also provides the stability your mouth needs.

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