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Esthetic replacement teeth that function naturally

​At Long Falls Dentistry, we know that appearances count. Thus we are dedicated to giving you the smile you have been dreaming of. Dental implants not only allows you to have a healthy mouth but also restores your confidence. To make things convenient for you, we create your dental implants in our office on-site, so that you can get that perfect smile in lesser time!

​When it comes to restoring your smile, dental implants work great - the reason being implants are designed to look and function just like their natural counterparts, i.e., your real teeth. ​Also, the longevity it offers makes them popular. At Long Falls Dentistry, we offer implants to patients looking a permanent and an alternative solution for one or more teeth. To know more about implant dentistry, the benefits and to schedule an implant consultation, call us today!

Dr. Salam with his patient
Dr. Salam's view on the standards of tooth replacement
When it comes to knowing the standards of tooth replacements, dental implants tops the list. It is the most efficient solution for replacing one or several missing teeth, and even if you are missing all your teeth. What makes it popular is its ability to resemble the appearance and function of your natural teeth. In today’s time dental implant surgery is way less invasive and less traumatic than it used to be just a decade ago. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a complementary implant consultation with us, today!

We can replace any number of teeth
One tooth
If you’re looking for a single tooth replacement, we provide you with the simplest solution - single dental implants. To get ​a visually natural​ tooth replacement, schedule an appointment today!
Multiple Teeth
​When you have more than one missing tooth, multiple tooth implants can be a good option. Talk to us and we will let you know if you are an eligible candidate for multiple dental implants.
Full Arch
​A full mouth implant can be the choice for those who needs a complete solution to multiple missing teeth. Dr. Salam will work with you and determine the best solution to give you back your smile.
Dr.  Salam's Unique ​approach to implants

​Dr. Salam uses his experience and professional abilities along with the latest tools to diagnose your oral condition during a dental check-up for analyzing the present condition of your teeth. Our implant dentist Dr. Salam will work in collaboration with you and create a customized treatment plan, that suits you individually. He will keep you well-informed throughout the entire treatment process so that you can understand what you can expect. Using a combination of cosmetic dentistry and restorative techniques, Dr. Salam’s advanced approach will have you smiling again in almost no time! On the day of surgery, the dental implant post - a screw made of titanium, will be surgically placed in your jawbone.


​This process replaces the root of the missing tooth so that you can get a stable tooth restoration. Upon completion, you will be sent back home with a provisional, which means, you’ll not go without a missing tooth. This will also ensure that the implant will heal with the jaw bone. Post the healing period, Dr. Salam will place and fit the replacement tooth on the implant post. The replacement can be a crown, a full or partial denture, or a dental bridge. What you’ll receive will depend on which teeth you are missing and your individual dental needs.

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