At Long Falls Dentistry, we offer you quick relief from most dental emergencies in our Carthage, NY office.

Whenever you experience a dental emergency, knowing where to turn, which way to move ahead is nothing less than challenging. It’s important that you receive immediate attention and care from a trustworthy dentist. Apart from the evident pain, an untreated dental emergency can further lead to negative consequences not only to your teeth, mouth, and gums but can also lead to severe infections and effect other parts of your body.

Immediate attention to the dental emergency can help you to ease the pain and also keep you miles away from complications that may rise from untreated dental issues.

Emergency Dentist Carthage, New York 

Dr. Zeeshan Salam, one of the finest emergency dentists in Carthage offers the best using his expertise and the latest equipment. He aims to make sure that you get relieved from the agitation as soon as possible. While you might be nervous, which is evident and is completely fine to be, our team of professionals help you to relax during the initial phone consultation or at any time during the treatment procedure.

Dr. Salam is pleased to play an active part helping residents in Carthage and surrounding area in NY achieve high quality care as far as oral health is concerned. Long Falls Dentistry is your one stop solution for your dental care and dental treatment needs including emergency dentist care.

When do I have a dental emergency?

You have a dental emergency if you’re experiencing any of the following cases:

  • Abscess
  • Lost filling
  • Toothache
  • Lost crown
  • Facial swelling
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Objects stuck in the mouth
  • Bleeding after a dental procedure
  • Broken braces or other dental appliances

You should contact Dr. Salam as soon as immediately as possible to avoid permanent damage or further complications.

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What to do in a dental emergency?

Most patients fail to take the initial measures at times of a dental emergency. Panic, nervousness and pain takes over and taking the right decisions, more often, becomes more than a challenge.

Here are some important tips that can help you stay a step ahead of the game:

  • Gently rinse your mouth with lukewarm water in case of toothaches or chipped/broken teeth.
  • Try to save all teeth or it’s fragments if knocked out or chipped.
  • If you are having a knocked out teeth which hasn’t fallen off, gently attempt to put it back without forcing it. However, if this doesn’t appear to be possible, save the teeth in a container of water or milk with a pinch of salt.
  • Try to apply some cold compress on the outside of your mouth. This will help you ease the pain as well bring down the swelling.
  • Floss with light hands to remove any foreign particles stuck in the teeth. While this might not be applicable in many cases, if you aren’t confident about it, skipping this step wouldn’t harm.
  • DO NOT apply aspirin on your gums to get quick relief from toothache
  • AVOID using metal objects for attempting to remove objects stuck in the teeth.

While these tips will allow you to help yourself before you physically reach the dentist, remember at times of dental emergencies there is no place for trying an DIY! Try to connect with the dentist as soon as possible. For the rest, Dr. Zeeshan Salam is the best you have got.

What Our Clients Say About Us​​​​​

The only and best place to get dental implants!! Highly recommend!!

Erica Walsemann

This is the best dental office north of Syracuse! Dr. Salam is a true professional and calmed me down during my filling appointment (which i really needed). His assistants and office staff answered every single question i had thoroughly, and i was left with a great feeling.
I had a male hygienist deal with my teeth and it was one of the best cleanings i can remember receiving. Great job all around and i will tell all my friends and family!

Alan Hight

Most pleasant experience I've ever had seeing a Dentist. Not only does Dr. Salam have a pleasant bedside manner.. his skill level was such. I felt zero pain throughout the entirety of my oral surgery! Including those usual painful shots, one gets when getting numbed up! Was amazing!

He & his staff were very minful of my comfort the entire procedure.

Were very informative, friendly, & comforting all around. If u have had a life long fear of anything, everything dental... I would recommend giving Dr. Salam the opportunity change your prospective entirely.. from fear to relief that the experience you'll have will be an easy, painless one.

Rhonda Burgett

Long Falls Dentistry offered me an awesome service! They performed an excellent dental implant surgery for me and they helped me get through it easily. Everyone was genuinely kind and courteous. Two thumbs up!!

Mark Delprado

Had a wisdom tooth removal and the next day I had little to no pain or discomfort. Best dentistry I've been too.

Nathaniel Hill

Dr. Salam is all around great. Did my implant in the time frame he promised with ease of appointments. Nice guy and a very professional staff. worth going out of your way to be treated by this fine Dr.

Umbreen Zaki

Made me husband feel real comfortable even though he had fear. Got him right in took his time and my husband had minimal to no pain from the extraction. Great staff and beautiful office.

Hannah Wilton

Dr. Salam personifies the compassionate professional. His easy manner lowers the stress level during my implant placement and his straightforward and clear communication make the details understandable. I can’t recommend him and Long Falls Dentistry highly enough.

Muhammad AbdulSamie Khan

Dr. Salam and staff were kind and compassionate. I highly recommend there office.. Dr Salam took my fear away and made my procedure go smoothly and was very gentle.

JoEllen Myers

The staff is very friendly and there is never a long wait. The dental hygienist does an excellent cleaning and the doctor performed an extraction that healed well. Thank you.

Samuel Rosner

Very friendly and professional environment. Dr. Salam is really qualified and experienced and I will highly recommend Long Falls Dentistry .

Salman Ansari

I'm a new patient at Long Falls Dentistry. Having no clue at first-I met doctor Salam in the hallway casually watering his flowers and greeting me as well as his employees like friends. Doctor Salam is very thorough in his work as well as his team. I will definitely be back here. Such a wonderful place!

Lisa Taylor

This Dentistry is without a doubt absolutely SPECTACULAR. I was recently in an accident leaving me with half of a front tooth - mind you my dental history is flawless. No cavities, braces, teeth whitening, you name it. Dental care has been a top priority my whole life. I was terrified my smile would never look the same. Nethertheless, Dr. Zeeshan Salam has me looking exactly the same. The first of my three appointments I was actually greeted by a customer who immediately began raving about how great he felt after having two extractions the day before. I have my first "normal" appointment tomorrow and very much look forward to being welcomed by the professional, friendly staff. 20/10 recommend.

Naomi Mitchell

Great team went with a lot of pain and swollen face, the dentist helped me right away! Exalant team !!!

Martina Corley

I have been going to Long Falls Dentistry for a few months now. I
was in need of a partial and other work to my teeth. I was always relaxed and never nervous about any of the procedures. Dr. Salam and his crew are awesome!

Sara Finley

The doctor and staff are wonderful people! Very helpful and caring. The doctor is so accommodating to the needs of the patients, and quick to get you on the schedule when needed!

Martha Horahan

Great atmosphere and staff, zero anxiety. I highly recommend this prcatice!

CompuTech Commercial I.T

Hands down, this is the best dentistry place in town. I went in for extraction and it turned out to be a piece of cake. I was extremely scared but Dr. Salam and his team took very good care of me. The front desk was very co-operative and flexible with scheduling the appointments. They were more than willing to put my needs in front of theirs. I had to get 3 molars extracted and the whole procedure took less than an hour. Afterwards, Dr Salam called me to make sure I was doing okay. In addition, there is a lot of seating area. Dr. Salam is very kids friendly and brought in a lot of toys to keep little ones busy. I'd definitely recommend him to everyone and give him 5 stars.

usman habib

So glad I found this dental office. An absolutely amazing experience. One of the best dentist I have ever came across.

Robert brown

i would recommend long fall dentistry for best dental experiance. Very welcoming and friendly staff. Dr. Salam is very skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of general dentistry.

Shiraz Asif

This would easily be one of the most relaxing, easy and enjoyable dentistry experiences of my life. Thank You so much!!!

Lucian Godoy

I was going through severe depression because of stained teeth. So, I decided to go for teeth whitening. A friend of mine recommended Long Falls Dentistry .

Maria Smith

Amazing experience!! It is one of the best dentist in Watertown. I would recommend others also to visit it.

Sarah Carbonero

They are the best dentist office I have ever been too. Everyone is very kind and friendly. They make you feel comfortable and even my wife was impressed by there waiting room. I got my wisdom teeth taken out and the Dr. Does them in house so I didn't have to drive or pay for a specialist. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Jacquetta Gibbs

Best Dentist around. He was very pleasant great with patients . I would recommend him to everyone . The office staff is great also. Vary clean and efficient.

Kimberly Passage

I was referred to long falls dentistry by a friend that had a cosmetic corrective dental procedure done by dr. Salam . I was so impressed by the results My friend achieved there as a patient being that her teeth looked natural and perfectly symmetricalL . I called for an implant consultation to see what can be done about a tooth that I was told that it needed to be extracted . Dr Salam took the time to greet me and introduce himself and the practice . Dr. Salam And his wonderful assistant took the time to explain to me the whole implant procedure and the pros and the cons about having the dental implant done . Their office was immaculately clean and at every appointment I felt like the room was personalized and packages were waiting to be opened just for me . For me that’s important they they follow great hygiene practices . The Tooth implant procedures went well I felt like I had a say in the matter . now my front teeth will not shift as a result of loosing my k9 . I feel I can smile again and I’m proud to refer my friend and family to long falls dentistry . Keep up the good service guys

christiane tadros

I've always had a good experience here. Everyone is always so nice and make sure everything is taken care of. It's just a great atmosphere and their work is impeccable!

Jesse Cowles

Did an excellent job and they make you feel very comfortable while your there. Thank you very much!!

Troy Bennett

I called on a Wednesday as a new patient and in a chair the next day followed by appts Monday Tuesday and Thursday! Never in my life has a dentist took the time to care and listen but actually do something! He did more work for me in 2 weeks than my last dentist did in a year and I feel amazing! I have my smile back thanks to him and his staff!! The whole environment is super comfortable and they all talk to you like they’ve known you forever. I can honestly say I love going to the dentist now! I also tell everyone about this place!

Amanda Celley

Dr Salam and his staff are wonderful. They gave me a reason to smile again. I recommend them for all your dentistry needs.

T LaVancha

Quick, easy, and nice people to deal with. If they weren't sticking tools in my mouth to fix my teeth I'd go here all the time to escape my job

Kenny Turck

I cannot imagine a better dental implant experience than I had with at this office. I also know three friends who had terrific experiences in getting their implants. The process is informative, friendly and expert and I would recommend them to anyone.

Muzammil Ibrahim

Long falls dentistry is a one of a kind practice that offers outstanding patient care as well as first class treatment! Dr. Salam is very caring and compassionate when it came to patients dental needs. They offer top notch services and also offer a variety of extensive treatment in house, including Dental Implants!

Dr Salam is very attentive and diligent with his procedures, I would most definitely recommend them to Everyone!

Ashley Compeau

I love this office! All the staff are super friendly, Dr. Salam is very professional and helpful and empathetic, and the office is beautifully and comfortably decorated. The "cavity chair" I'll call it even has a back massager in it! I always feel very well taken care of here and recommend them to anyone, but especially to those who may have dentist anxiety. They will definitely make you feel comfortable!

Amanda Warner

people were pleasant and kind. And I felt very comfortable there I will definitely go back.

Levi Passage

I was very pleasantly surprised with my first appointment this dentist office. There was plenty of parking within a short distance to the front door. Staff were friendly and efficient upon check in. I normally fear having x-rays done, but this was my first experience without pain in over 30 years of dental care. Dr. Zeeshan Salam explained my plan of care and easily answered my concerns. I would highly recommend this practice.

Mason Kevin

I asked as a new patient if I can be seen and they had an appointment readily available for the same day. I finally found a dentistry that I feel comfortable with. I didn't have to wait long in the waiting room, and I was early. I'm a very anxious person when it comes to doctors. Upon entering the staff are very friendly and nice. Kris was the hygienist who cleaned my teeth and did my x-rays. I explained to her that I am very anxious and she made my visit much better. Dr. Zeeshan Salam came in and explained to me my possibilities to help fix my teeth and that he will talk with my insurance provider. Dr. Zeeshan Salam is very nice and upfront. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Very nice place, I highly recommend.


I was going through severe depression because of stained teeth. So, I decided to go for teeth whitening. A friend of mine recommended Long Falls Dentistry, and I called them up for an appointment. Dr. Zeeshan Salam was extremely polite and completed the entire process with utmost precision. Now, my teeth look white, as well as, attractive. I would highly recommend going to Long Falls Dentistry

Maria Smith

Very friendly and professional environment. Dr. Salam is really qualified and experienced and I will highly recommend Long Falls Dentistry.

Salman Ansari

Absolutely amazing...the service, attentiveness, friendliness, and professionalism were well beyond my expectations. Dr Salaam and his team are running a to notch facility and service. My whole family will be going here and I feel they will get the highest quality care that they deserve. Thank you Dr Salaam

Jamie Wood

Best Dentist around. He was very pleasant great with patients . I would recommend him to everyone . The office staff is great also. Vary clean and efficient.

Kimberly Passage

This is the best dentist office in the area.. The lady's are so awesome, funny, sweet and really caring. The dentist is AWESOME.. He does great work and is also attentive to his patience.. Oh and funny too lol.. Love love love love this dentist!!

What Matthew Thinks

I called Dr. Salams office 15 minutes before then even opened yesterday and told them I broke my front tooth. The nice office staff told me to come right in. Dr. Salam examined my tooth, took x-rays, and gave me my options. He never made me feel like I did not have a choice. He fixed me up quickly and I think my front tooth looks better than it did before!! Thank you, Dr. Salam!

Kylie Schell

So glad with the implant services at this Dentist office. I assumed I would be in so much pain, didnt even had to take pain meds after (can u believe that?). I was super nervous, they asked me how Im doing and informed they have already placed two implants. I would highly recommend them to any one looking to get implants. Thank you

Alasifa Arshad

Had extreme pain over the weekend, contacted them on Sunday and they got me right in first thing Monday morning. All fixed up by 9am with very little after pain. Thank you for everything.

Scott Simmons

Quick and painless, friendly environment.

Tyler Wilder

Dr. Salam is Gentle and was understanding. Extremely friendly staff, very convenient appointment reminders/confirmations via text. Prompt Implant service, no long waits. Simply the best. I highly recommend it.

Sami Khan

Dr. Salam is exremly knowledgeable and is very respectful to his patience. I am glad with every procedure he has performed on me and I highly recommend him for any dental work.

Imran Khan

After years of being terrified of the dentist I came here and they were more than accomodating . Dr Salam is funny and caring and all of the nurses n hygienist were amazing.

casey st. louis

Dr. Salam is an awesome doctor , very gentle , caring

Fady Guirguis

Had a bridge and filling done. Both look and feel great! The staff is always friendly and very accommodating. Would recommend this dentist to anyone.

Jeffrey Helms-Bean

The perfect staff is always friendly, the work is meticulous, and they are always accommodating with the schedule!

Kassandra Beck

I was a bit nervous thinking about getting an implant. But all that went away immediately upon meeting Dr. Salam and his All Star staff. Dr. Zeeshan is amazing. He is friendly and knowledgeable and has a great smile. He really listens to your concerns and does a fantastic job of answering all of your questions. His confidence in what he does and the manner in which he speaks to you makes you feel safe and right at home. I really trust him.

The office is beautiful and to tell you the truth, I love everyone that works there. Friendly. Helpful. Caring. Thats what Long Falls Dentistry is all about. They put that smile right back on my face.

Two big thumbs up. 5 out of 5. So if you need to get some dental work done, make that call. You will be glad that you did. They really did a great job with me.

Krissi Rosy

Dr. Zeeshan Salam and his entire team at Long Falls Dentistry were amazing. I was afraid of visiting a dentist until I met Dr. Zeeshan. He was extremely polite and gentle and explained the entire procedure thoroughly. This helped me to overcome stress and agony.

George Dufaux

Great visit!!! Very well run office. The doctor was very gentle.

kevin wener

The adept dentists at Long Falls Dentistry took utmost care of me during my dental implant surgery. They made sure I don’t experience any sort of complications during the procedure. I have always recommended this dental office to my family and friends.

Annette Evans

Dr. Salaam and his team are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The care taken to provide a quality experience with minimal discomfort is outstanding. The team made me comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Salaam took time to discuss my procedure and answer any questions. I highly recommend Dr. Salaam for your dental needs.

Reuben Pruitt

Dr.Salam and his team are by far the best in the area!!! They do amazing work and make everything as pain free as possible. I have had a lot of work done there and they continue to impress me. So if your needing work done visit long falls dentistry you won't be disappointed.

TSM Goat

So happy I choose Long Falls Dentistry. So grateful to the Dr. for fixing my smile. I will recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist. Thanks again for your wonderful care.

Rebecca Crovitz

Hands down best and most knowledgeable practice around...staff makes you aware of what is going on as far as dental needs.
Extraordinary with children..very comfortable environment! I will recommend highly to others

Janel Boni

Very caring ,friendly and wonderful staff.


I'm new to the area and was looking for a new Dentist. Called Long Falls Dentistry and was take care off the same day. Had two Dental implants placed. Totally painless experience or its just general hype implant surgery hurts. Im so happy with their services and would highly recommend them to any one looking for implants.

Dr Faisal Lodhi

Long Falls Dentistry is the best dental office in the area. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Felt like they really cared about ME not just the money. Dr Salam gave me different options for getting the end results I wanted. Would recommend this office to anyone!!!! Try them you won't regret it!!

Lesa Lyndaker

Great oral surgery! I had a tooth extraction and they were very polite while waiting for the novacaine and then extracted the tooth and I didn't even feel it!!! Highly impressed and will be back!!

Karissa Mushtare

I absolutely loved this place. I felt very comfortable and Dr. Zeeshan Salam was funny and played a huge part in how comfortable I felt. I definitely recommend his office.

Rachel Swilling

Very clean good going atmosphere with friendly people .... I would send any of my friends or family to this dentist

Jason Ash

Excellent care by all their staff. Extremely professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and caring. They have helped me with dental cleaning. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Long Falls Dentistry!

Violet Clark

The dentist was great in explaining the condition of my teeth and was very good with cleaning as well. Wait staffs were spot on and very friendly. Would highly recommend!!!!

Amanda Milrose

Doctor Salam is amazing! I had a extreme fear and almost a panic attack about going to the dentist. With his understanding and patients I have conquered my fear. Trista the Dental Assistant is kind and caring. I highly recommend this office. He is also wonderful with my husband and my kids.

Twisted Phoenix

Dr. Salam is a great dentist!!

Trista Medina

We went for a second opinion and O boy 'm I glad we went there. We were told unnecessary fillings and procedures at another local dentist, half of the things we didn't even need. I feel the Dentist was honest, thorough in n out and took time to explain what and why if anything needs to be done. We felt we were really taken care off. Excellent customer service & would definitely recommend this place to my family & friends.

Michelle Hastings

Fantastic care!! Very friendly staff! The dentist even came in on a Saturday to see my son! I highly recommend this dentist to anyone! :)

brandi dolan

The Doctor and staff have exceeded all my expectations. I've been to many dentist and i've always felt like a product in an assembly line, just a time slot before they're off to the next patient. That is not the feeling you'll get at this office, Dr. Zeeshan Salam and his staff have created a warm and welcoming environment and are dedicated to providing the best care.

Eladio Laporte

I went if for my regular cleaning, after cleaning it was found I had a cavity on a back molar, Dr. Salam asked if I wanted to take care of it now or later, not wanting to come back I had it taken care of then, Dr. Salam was pleasant to talk and joke with, I was given a *(Painless) shot to numb the tooth, and in a few minutes was done and on my way home.
I would recommend Dr. Salam to anyone looking for a Dentist, he was enjoyable to talk too, good sense of humor, nice laugh and I have several friends who go to his office who also say the same thing.

Woody Wood

My experience at this office has always been great. Dr. Salam removed 3 of my wisdom teeth without any pain or problems. Chris the hygenist is amazing she does an awesome job cleaning my teeth. I would definatly check out this office if your not sure of who to see you will not be disappointed.

Tracy clary

Fabulous dental clinic! all of the staffs are very friendly and caring. They deserve 5 stars!!

Christina Robson

If you are looking to get Dental implants..this is the place to be. Implants in general from start to finish is a 40 min procedure. Most of the time you get the crown the same day...if not in couple months.

Zeeshan Salam

Woman was great. Made me feel really comfortable and appreciated. Love this place and glad I found it.

Christina Lynn Longley

Wonderful, caring staff!

Melanie Martin

I have had a great experience at Dr Salam's office and I can rate it as one of the greatest experiences ever at a dentist office. He has done a great job on my central incisor implant. Leave everyone else, I myself can't even tell the difference between the real and the implant. I recommend everyone to go see Dr Salam for best dental experience ever. Super Job Doc!

Mirza Saad Baig

Love my new dentist just visit today and Its perfect !!!!! 1000 stars ⭐️

misspuppa Mcc

I had a dental implant done on a lower tooth today and Dr. Salam was gentle and understanding that I was nervous with this appointment and it was done in no time. The staff is very friendly! I highly recommend this office for any of your dental needs!

Keyrsten Medrano

I loved the atmosphere of the office and the people that work there are great. It’s a very homey place.

Llamas 4life

Costs were affordable compared to the quality of the service they provide and the staff was attentive and professional. I will be referring friends and everyone who will need a dentist in Watertown, NY.

Nicky Jose