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Full Arch Dental Implants

All On X Implants

Carthage, NY

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The most minimally invasive, and permanent ​approach to full arch tooth loss

​Full arch dental implants can completely replace a full arch of missing teeth in just a day, and all it takes only 6 implants. These implants acts as a support to the fixed bridge on either the lower or the upper jaw. Dr. Zeeshan Salam adopted this revolutionary technology to relieve patients from the suffering of missing teeth and its ill effects. With full arch dental implants you will soon be able to enjoy the daily pleasures of eating, chewing, and interacting which will thus boost your confidence. Today, implants have revolutionized the fields of cosmetic and restorative dentistry with its ability to aid as an answer to permanent tooth loss.
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​Comfortable, secure, and reliable, dental implants also stabilizes the stimulating bones around them. Full arch dental implants are now noted as a state-of-the-art implant system for its ability to provide a minimally invasive solution – supporting maximum number of teeth on a small number of implants. As one of the most remarkable concepts for restorative and cosmetic dentistry, successful full arch dental implants by Dr. Salam takes only one single day.

​Dr. Salam's view on the standards of tooth replacement

​When it comes to knowing the standards of tooth replacements, dental implants tops the list. It is the most efficient solution for replacing one or several missing teeth, and even if you are missing all your teeth. What makes it popular is its ability to resemble the appearance and function of your natural teeth. In today’s time dental implant surgery is way less invasive and less traumatic than it used to be just a decade ago. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a complementary implant consultation with us, today!

Advantages of full arch dental implants

Relish the food you love

​You can enjoy your favorite foods again without worrying about your dentures slipping or sticking. Unlike conventional dentures that uses adhesives, implant-retained over dentures stays in place even while eating sticky or chewy foods.

No adhesives

​Tired of those messy tubes of denture adhesives that don’t really hold your dentures securely in place, yet affect the taste of your food? Throw them off as you will not need any adhesive for full arch dental implants to keep your dentures secured in place.

​Get back your confidence

​Implant-retained overdentures are anchored in place. So, you can feel confident to smile, laugh or join in a conversation without worrying about your dentures slipping off. In addition, implant-secured dentures retains the contours of your facial muscles giving you a more youthful appearance.

Prevents bone loss

​Tooth loss can trigger bone loss in your jaw thus deteriorating the structure of your jaw. Moreover, application of conventional dentures can highly accelerate this process! Addition of titanium implants in your jaw bone prevents bone loss as the tissues surrounding the area adheres to the implant post.
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The Implant Denture Process

​At our dental office in Carthage NY, every full arch dental implant case begins with a free consultation. We will discuss your goals and available options suitable to your case and create a customized treatment plan. We will schedule a pre-implant appointment where we will conduct x-rays, scans and collect all necessary data needed before beginning with the treatment. During this phase Dr. Salam will answer all your questions and queries about the procedure. On the day of your surgery, first Dr. Salam will administer sedation. Following that, you will receive your implants and a set of temporary bridge that functions and looks great until the permanent overdentures can be put in place. Don’t hesitate to smile even with your temporary bridge; you are only a step away from getting its permanent counterpart. After the completion of the dental implant procedure, your jaw bone will need some time for healing and adhering to the new implants. Once healed and completely stable, we will install your new overdentures and you’ll leave our dental office with a brand new, beautiful and permanent smile.

Cost of Dental implants

​The cost of a brand new and beautiful smile through the use of dental implants can be lesser than you think. Starting at only $450 per month, a new smile can completely change your life. At Long Falls Dentistry, we strive to keep our dental implant procedure affordable for you so that you can receive a better and healthier option for dental restoration than traditional dentures. We undertake the complete implant procedure on-site here at our Carthage NY dental office which not only lowers the cost but also keeps you away from stress. You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Salam where we will discuss about the treatment and go over the exact costs and financial options. Call us today for an appointment.

Why choose full ​arch dental implants

​Full arch dental implants bring immediate satisfaction in regard to aesthetics, function, sense, speech, and self-confidence thus giving patients a reason to smile again. Considering the perks, no doubt the number of patients choosing this option has increased exponentially in the past few years. In addition, full arch dental implants remain stable even with minimal bone volume. The treatment needs less time meaning that you won’t need to take a day off from your work.

​Apart from improving a patient’s quality of life, it also allows patients to avoid costly procedures like augmentation and bone grafting. Shorter time, lowered costs and an all-inclusive approach to full arch implants allows Long Falls Dentistry in Carthage NY to make your dream for a better smile, a reality.

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Dr.Salam is the best! He was able to restore my confidence with some cosmetic work to my front teeth. I am so happy with the way my veneers came out ! I highly recommend him.

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Long Falls is the dental office to go to if you need cosmetic work done. Dr. Salam will come up with a very individualized plan to achieve a smile to be proud of. I was weary of getting veneers as i thought i might not be happy with the results, but he listened to my concerns and did everything precisely how I imagined my perfect smile to be.I am so happy with the result, now I don't have to think twice before smiling or cover my smile like I used to. The staff is friendly and accomodating, you can feel that they really care. Very much recommend this place.

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I highly recommend long falls dentistry. Dr. Z has many years of experience and training. He takes time explaining treatment options in detail with risks and benefits. His wonderful personality with great sense of humor makes dental visit fun. I definitely refer my friends and relatives to long falls dentistry.