Improve Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers!

Porcelain veneers

Want to wear a healthy and confident smile? Then, veneers would be the best option for you! Porcelain veneers, also known as ‘dental veneers’ or even ‘dental porcelain laminates’ are only paper-thin, custom-created shells of tooth -colored elements which are developed to hide the front part of the teeth to give an instantaneous smile transformation. These shells are placed at the front section of the teeth resulting in altering their color, length, shape, or size and it looks alike to that of natural dental enamel.

Types of Veneers:

In general there are three kinds of Porcelain veneers:

    • Traditional veneers,
    •  No-Prep veneers, and
    • Veneers. 

Porcelain veneer  treatment is done when your teeth get decolorized. The reason behind this is because of root canal treatment, over consumption of fluoride or drugs, deformed teeth, cracked or broken teeth, worn down, or even to close the gaps in between the teeth. Suffering from these problems and wanting to get your dental veneers done? Don’t worry! We at Long Falls Dentistry can avail you with the top veneers dentist near you In Carthage, NY for your best treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures in Carthage, NY

Getting a dental veneer done in general involves three appointments with the doctor – one for consultation and at the same time advising your specific needs, secondly to design and lastly to fix the veneers. One tooth or many teeth can have the veneering process at the same time.

When you visit our office In Carthage, NY, you as well as our expertise, will discuss the results you are going to achieve. In the first appointment itself, your dentist, Dr. Salam will study the design of your teeth and will assure you whether dental veneers are totally applicable for you or not. Then only he will elucidate to you about the proceedings in detail and along with that its limits. The doctor might also capture some X-rays to get precise impressions of your mouth and teeth. Once the veneer is out from the lab, you will have to visit our office. Our dentist will verify if the dental veneer fits your tooth and matches its color. Then your tooth will be polished and cleaned.  Afterwards cement will be applied to the dental layer to attach it over your tooth.

Your Smile our Priority!

Dental veneers do not require any further care. Just you have to practice good oral habits, such as brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic or dentist prescribed mouthwash. We always make sure that we deliver our clients the best ease, and of course at reasonable cost rates to get access to any kind of dental problems or cosmetic dentistry.

Don’t Let the Quality of Your Veneers Diminish, Follow These 6 Tips

Dental veneers play a huge role in restoring your smile. It not only mends a broken tooth but also alters the state of a discolored set of teeth. But did you know that the prosthetic device could wear off if you don’t take care of it? The dental layer is no doubt durable, but it could be only possible if you try your best to make it sustainable. The quality of anything would diminish if not does not receive much heed.

You can go through the tips that are given in this post, they are some of the best ways to take care of your veneers.

Do Not Eat Anything Hard: Say no to foods such as pretzels, steaks, nuts, candies and so on or else the veneer can get highly affected. Therefore, avoid hard food items to save it from getting chipped. However, you can eat mashed potatoes, eggs, bread without the crust and other soft foods.

Do Not Chew or Smoke Tobacco: Tobacco can affect our overall health and that is one of the primary reasons for quitting it. Smoking or chewing a lot of tobacco leaves us with stained teeth and it also leads to oral cancer. Your dental veneer can also get discolored due to it and the dental layer won’t be of any use if it becomes stained.

Don’t Use Your Teeth for Opening Bottle Caps: A lot of people have this habit, but it is not good for your teeth especially if a dental veneer is placed on them. Habits such as chewing pen cap or biting your nails could also damage the dental layer.

Try Not to Grind Your Teeth: Teeth grinding can cause major damage to your veneers, thus, consult your dentist if you do it often. It’s better to get it treated on time rather than waiting for something crucial to take place.

The Basic Oral Hygiene: Regularly brushing and flossing twice will keep the quality of your dental veneers intact. So, follow it religiously.

Visit the Dentist When it’s Required: In order to maintain your veneers, you must also see the dentist when it’s required. He/she will let you know if anything goes wrong with it.

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