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missing teeth

An Insight Into The Problems Caused By Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a menace to our lives. They could cause several oral health problems. Additionally, they can also harm your self-confidence and cause speech-related issues. It is best to replace your missing teeth and you can discuss with your Carthage Dentists about your options. Our dentists at Long Falls Dentistry have listed the issues you might encounter due to missing teeth. Let us take a look at them.

Problems Caused By Missing Teeth

You could lose your teeth due to several reasons. It could be due to an accident or due to poor oral hygiene. It is essential to go for teeth replacement options and your Carthage dentist will tell you why.

Crooked Teeth

The gap left after your teeth loss can lead to teeth shifting. The adjacent teeth might move to the empty space and start an entire cycle of teeth shifting. Once one tooth starts to shift, the others go down the same path. This leads to a crowded mouth that ultimately causes a crooked smile. This can seriously affect your speech and eating habits. It also affects your physical appearance and can change the way you look. Overcrowding can also make your regular brushing and flossing extremely difficult. This ultimately leads to plaque accumulation and harms your oral health. You must visit your Carthage dentist if you are facing such difficulties.

Makes It Difficult To Eat Food

Our teeth help us to chew our food properly and ensures proper digestion. Missing teeth can lead to nutritional deficiencies in our bodies. Depending on the type of tooth that is missing, the chewing process gets very difficult. You might have to give up on your favorite food due to teeth loss. Additionally, munching on hard and crunchy items can cause severe damage to the exposed area as well. You can choose to consult your dentist to decide which food items to avoid for a healthy mouth.

Speech Related Issues

Surprised to know that losing a tooth can affect the way you speak? Well, our teeth play an important part in our speech. Losing teeth can make certain words sound strange when you pronounce them. It could result in slurring and excessive spitting during a conversation. It can seriously hinder your self-confidence. Hence, it is best to take up the issue with your dentist in Carthage and chalk out a plan of action.

Lowers Your Confidence

Missing teeth can completely overhaul your physical appearance. People smile less often and avoid public gatherings because they are embarrassed by their missing teeth. Teeth loss leads to low self-confidence and has a negative impact on your personal relationships. It can also cause our facial muscles to sag thereby making us look older than usual.

Reduced Bone Density

Your pearly whites help to protect your jawbone and make them stronger When you chew your food you exert a certain amount of pressure. This pressure helps to maintain your bine density. Teeth loss leads to atrophy that reduces your bone density. This is a serious problem and you must visit your dentist in Carthage before you face it.

Do not let your missing teeth ruin your life. Look for surgical as well as non-surgical options such as dentures and bridges. Looking for the best dental care services in Carthage, NY? Get in touch with our dedicated dentists at Long Falls Dentistry and enjoy our wide range of services.