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3 Myths You Might Have Heard About Wisdom Teeth


The human body is a wonderland. Our mouths change constantly throughout our lives. Among the most famous dental milestones that a person comes across is the occurrence of wisdom teeth, or third molars, between the ages 17 and 25. A lot of people generally advise getting the wisdom teeth removed because they may cause complications later. Dentists perform approximately 10 million wisdom teeth surgeries from around 5 million across the U.S. annually. The process of wisdom teeth extraction is simple. However, not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed if they are stable and properly aligned.

If you are at an age where you are expecting the day when you will wake up with a slight pain of a wisdom tooth popping up, then read on. There is a lot of misinformation that your well-meaning friends and family can give you regarding wisdom teeth and it can certainly get overwhelming. The four most common myths surrounding myths about wisdom teeth that you should ignorecompletely are as follows:

  1. Every person has wisdom teeth:Not everyone has wisdom teeth because their wisdom teeth never erupt from beneath their gums. Some individuals might have one or two wisdom teeth instead of all four while others have none. According to dentists for tooth extraction in Carthage, NY, both these situations are normal until there are other underlying dental issues to worry about.
  2. You always know if you have them:This is not true at all. Any dentist will you that your soft tissues or jawbone can enclose the third molars, which might not make them visible. Thus, getting an X-ray of your teeth and gums from a dentist near you can help you in being sure if you have any wisdom tooth beneath the gums or not. Furthermore, the dental X-ray will also reveal if you will face any issues during the development of the wisdom teeth.
  3. No purpose teeth:This statement is false. Wisdom teeth, just like other teeth, help us in chewing. It is believed that ancient humans needed wisdom teeth because of their diet consisting of roots, coarse animal meat, all of which required a lot of chewing efforts on their part.

Thus, instead of just believing all the information you come across regarding wisdom teeth that might not be true, it is better to consult a dental professional. At Long Falls Dentistry, we have the best dentists that have years of experience in wisdom tooth extraction in Carthage, NY.