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same-day denture

Restore Your Smile in a Day with Same-Day Dentures

same-day denture

One of the most common answers to tooth loss is dentures. What was once obviously fake teeth are now much more natural in appearance, providing an excellent solution for replacing your missing teeth.

The way dentures are typically made, it used to take quite some time before you received your final restoration. This is because dentures are created gradually.  But modern dental technology has made it much easier and faster. Dentures can now be created in just one day. If you are interested in same day dentures in Carthage, NY; read on to find out more about it.

How are same day dentures possible?

With same day dentures, you get your final dentures in the same appointment as your tooth extractions. There’s no dealing with temporary teeth. Instead, you leave your appointment having had your teeth extracted and getting your final denture in one day. Immediate dentures can be both partial or complete, helping you replace any number of missing teeth.

Even though you get your dentures right away, your gums and jawbone still change. During your follow up appointments, we can reline and adjust your dentures to ensure that they always fit. In some situations, an entirely new denture may need to be fabricated. It is also not uncommon to experience some discomfort, especially in the beginning. Though the denture is lined with a tissue conditioner, extractions can leave your gums swollen and sore. The pressures exerted on your healing tissues can cause some pain.

Are you a candidate for same day dentures?

Same day dentures can be a great solution for patients with a full arch of missing or failing teeth and would like to have their teeth replaced with dentures. Moreover, many people prefer them because you don’t have to deal with temporary restorations while waiting for the fabrication of your final denture. However, they are not necessarily the best solution for everyone. Patients who have certain types of jaw anatomy may not be good candidates for this type of denture. You may also not be a good candidate if you have certain types of uncontrolled medical conditions. If you are interested in having your missing teeth replaced with same day dentures, we can help you to determine if they are a good choice for you.

If you are interested in dentures but don’t want to deal with the wait for your final restoration, call us today. Our team will do a thorough examination and help you determine if same day dentures in Carthage, NY are the right choice for you.