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teeth whitening

How Can You Get Whiter Teeth In One Hour

Stained teeth are unavoidable with time, but that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate a less than a stunning white smile. While you might feel tempted to give one of those over-the-counter options a try, our team would like to encourage you to trust professional teeth whitening in our Carthage, NY dental office with your smile.

Tooth discoloration is a reality for most of us, and there are many reasons that yellowing and dark stains can appear on the teeth:

    • Frequent consumption of staining beverages and foods
    • Natural aging
    • Use of tobacco products
    • Inadequate dental hygiene
    • Decay and enamel erosion
    • Gum recession
    • Dental trauma
    • Dark metal fillings
    • Certain prescription medications

If you think you would like to spruce up your smile, professional teeth whitening is a great option. If you are wondering when you should get a teeth whitening treatment, the best time to do so is after your dental cleaning. Teeth whitening works best when teeth are free of surface stains which we polish away during your hygiene appointment and free of tartar.

Get a Dazzling Smile in One Hour with Professional Whitening

The best thing about teeth whitening is that virtually anyone can have their teeth whitened and leave our office with a smile that instantly looks younger and healthier. In-office teeth whitening treatment allows you to determine how white you want your teeth. A cosmetic dentist near you has the required skills to produce the best outcome as per your needs.

A dentist will also help you avoid any damage to your teeth and gums. Some people may have sensitive teeth. For such cases, it is especially necessary that a dentist controls the bleaching agent so you do not experience any pain.

For fast results that you can see today, nothing beats our in-office teeth whitening option in our Carthage, NY dental office.  In about an hour, you can leave with a significantly brighter smile. We offer an in-office teeth bleaching system that provides instant and dramatic teeth whitening results. By the end of you appointment, you will find that you have 7-8 shades whiter teeth in just one hour!

As we age, our teeth naturally start to darken. Even if we take excellent care of our teeth and avoid foods and drinks that are known to cause staining, our smiles still fade over time. Professional teeth whitening helps disguise this aging process by making old smiles look new, young, and bright again. Even if you only whiten your teeth slightly, you will likely notice a drastic improvement.

If you also want a younger look and want to flaunt a whiter and brighter smile, contact us at Long Falls Dentistry. Find the best dentist for teeth whitening in Carthage, NY today!