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mouthwash for maintaining proper oral hygiene

Reasons Why Mouthwash Can Be Safe for Your Children

Every parent wants to provide the best possible care to their little ones, therefore, you might pay utmost heed to your child’s dental health as well. Children won’t understand the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth until and unless they are told about it. Some of you may think twice before letting your kid swish with a mouthwash, but you must know that the rinsing liquid is safe for children if you choose the right one.

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Here’s how you must select the right mouthwash for your little ones.

Your Child Must Start Using a Mouthwash from the Correct Age

Refrain your child from using a mouthwash if the little one falls under age category of 6. They might not be able to spit out the liquid properly after rinsing due to underdeveloped muscle reflexes. And swallowing the mouthwash can be harmful for them.

Choose Therapeutic Over Cosmetic

Cosmetic mouthwashes certainly control bad breath, but temporarily. It may keep your child’s mouth fresh for a short period of time and might not wash away the bacteria. However, therapeutic mouthwashes not only help prevent bad breath but also keeps the mouth healthy and restrains tooth decay and gum disease from emerging. It also prevents plaque formation. Therapeutic mouthwashes could consist of chlorhexidine, fluoride, essential oils and cetylpyridinium which are beneficial for the mouth.

Go for an Antibacterial Mouthwash

Antibacterial mouthwashes play a big role in preventing bacteria and it can be used by children above the age of 6. So, don’t get perplexed while choosing an antibacterial mouthwash for your little one because it hinders plaque buildup, fights gum disease and prevents other dental diseases from affecting the mouth.

Get a Mouthwash That Would Attract Your Kid

Sometimes kids throw a lot of tantrums due to which they might not want to swish their mouth. But, a kid-friendly mouthwash can attract them and they may get the urge of rinsing their mouth with it. You might come across mouthwashes in the market which have pictures of cartoons labeled on them. They also come in different flavors, opting for such mouthwashes for your child could be a good choice.

It Should Have the Seal of American Dental Association

A mouthwash that has the approval of ADA needs no other confirmation. Therefore, your child can certainly use it.

Along with rinsing with a mouthwash, a child must also brush and floss twice a day to keep cavities away. Call us today 315-497-6316 if to seek dental care for your little one.