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5 Measures You Must Follow to Prevent Dental Plaque and Discolored Teeth

A healthy mouth restrains dental diseases from emerging. We seldom pay the maximum amount of heed to our general health amid which we forget to take care of our oral health. Eating right and concentrating on dental hygiene can not only help achieve a strong set of teeth but can also prevent them from stains and tartar.

Today we will be discussing what to keep in mind to prevent discolored teeth because all of us must sport a smile without any inhibitions.

Make Brushing Twice a Day Mandatory:

Following this will prevent plaque from forming near your gum line and making your teeth look discolored. But, you must also know the right technique of brushing because doing it vigorously can wear off the enamel which can further expose the dentin and make teeth sensitive. Also, remember to floss between your teeth to remove food particles.

Quit All the Bad Habits:

You should not long for a set of white teeth if you are a heavy alcohol drinker or a smoker. Both smoking and drinking lead to a dental plaque which can turn into tartar. There could be stains in between your teeth due to smoking and that is the primary area for tartar buildup. Therefore, you must give up on such habits immediately.

Choose Antibacterial Mouthwash to Rinse:

The bacteria that live in your mouth also give rise to dental plaque. But, using an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse your mouth daily can help keep those bacteria away. This way, gum disease can also be prevented because plaque buildup is one of the main reasons behind periodontal disease.

Cut Down on Acidic Beverages:

Your teeth have pores like your skin, so, the coffee or anything acidic that you drink gets absorbed into those pores which further causes discoloration. Thus, it is better to curb down on acidic beverages.

Schedule Dental Appointments Every Six Months:

Many of you might not follow this, but it is very important to see your dentist at least twice a year to prevent dental diseases from emerging. You might be asked to get a whitening treatment done if your teeth are discolored and the dentist can figure out beforehand if an oral disease is about to rise.

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