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Signs That Indicate Your Tooth Needs to Be Pulled Out

Your teeth can get highly affected if you do not take care of your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are definitely two of the essential things, but along with that, you must also follow certain measures. A damaged tooth leads to innumerable discomforts and can cause some serious dental issues if not treated or extracted on time.

There could be several reasons behind a surgical tooth extraction and we have elucidated some of them in this write-up. Take a look at them below.

Crowded and Impacted Teeth: Both crowded and impacted teeth hinder the eruption of other teeth due to which they are often extracted. The former takes place if your jaw is small for your teeth or due to a cleft lip while the latter can emerge if the permanent tooth does not get enough space to erupt.

When the Tooth is Extensively Decayed: It is not always necessary to get a decayed tooth extracted as it can be treated in several ways. But, a surgical extraction might be done if the condition is quite serious. The state of the tooth could get severe if the infection spreads to its pulp.

When a Chipped or a Broken Tooth is Not Treated on Time: A tooth that is broken or chipped can be fixed with the help of quite a few dental treatments. But, your dentist might ask you to get it extracted if it is not treated on time. A chipped tooth takes place when you use it as a tool or bite on a hard food item, it can also get damaged while playing a sport or during an accident.

When You Go Through Severe Periodontitis: There could be a need for surgical extraction if the gum disease reaches almost its last stage. Extracting the affected tooth can prevent the infection from spreading and stop additional tooth loss. However, it is also important to get the periodontitis treated to save the remaining teeth.

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