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emergency dental care signs

7 Symptoms That Prompt You To Call The Dentist Urgently

Toothaches and other dental symptoms are often neglected, ignored or overlooked. This is because many manifest themselves painlessly. The ones which are painful do not tend to attract your attention unless the discomfort goes up to severely hurting stages! But this should not be the case. There are certain situations that call for immediate visit to your nearest emergency dental clinic.

emergency dental care signs

#1 Having a swollen jaw?

A swollen jaw coupled with a bad taste in the mouth, fever, swallowing trouble, etc. are signals to seek emergency dental care in Carthage, NY immediately. Gum disease originates from an initial buildup of plaque and tartar in your oral cavity. When gum disease advances, it is called periodontitis. Swollen jaws are sometimes a result of periodontitis or advanced periodontitis. When the tooth decay reaches the advanced stages, it moves down to the roots manifesting in swollen jaws! Thus a tooth decay or gum disease is best treated in their early stages.

#2 Having a severe toothache?

Preventing a toothache, irrespective of whichever level of severity is it in, treatment alternatives should be availed as early as possible. As discussed earlier, a damaged or decaying tooth can lead to deep drawn complications later on. Even in the initial stages of toothache, you can try out remedies at home. As there are numerous reasons responsible for a toothache, proper diagnosis is crucial for toothache relief to be effective and long-lasting.

Often lifestyle choices and habits mostly get in the way and leave you with a toothache to deal with. If the toothache pain builds up gradually and lingers on coupled with temperature sensitivities it is time to visit your dentist in Fort Drum.

#3 Are your gums bleeding also?

Even though early bleeding might be self-managed, if it is accompanied with pain and recurring oozing of blood, are some warning bells to pay attention to. Bleeding, when persistent, must be reported to your dentist, Watertown soon. Sometimes, individuals’ gums tend to bleed while flossing! This is not normal per say. This might happen even if you are done with your regular brushing and flossing jobs!

Remember to address your gum problems early, as treatment options depend upon the stage of your gum disease.

#4 Check if you’ve got a dental abscess

A dental abscess must already have you on your way to your emergency dentist in Carthage, NY. An abscessed tooth originates from a painful infection that is usually found at the root of your tooth. When a cavity is left untreated, the infection may go further down to affect the pulp and roots of the tooth.

An abscessed tooth is accompanied by some symptoms like fever, a foul taste in your mouth, swollen glands or some pus formation in the teeth. the tooth therefore evidently needs some kind of surgery in order to drain out the infection properly.

#5 Does your mouth taste like Metal?

If you’ve had a metal filling before and your mouth starts tasting like metal all of a sudden, it signaled that your old filling has cracked or become loose. Such symptoms readily call for emergency dental care as an open filling leaves your tooth prone to new infections and cavities. Just be careful that your emergency dentist in Carthage, NY not only provides you with a new filling but also drives out any bacteria or infection that has been left behind.

#6 Having constant headaches?

Headaches could be a resultant of anything – if you’re stressed, sick, troubled ears and a lot of other reasons. However, chronic and recurring headaches could be a sign of something else. Since your teeth and head are connected, a pain in the mouth or jaw could be well connected to your headache. Patients who constantly grind their (bruxism) teeth very commonly experience headaches. If so, consult your dentist, Fort Drum soon in order to get rid alarming consequences of bruxism such as worn down tooth enamel or increased tooth sensitivity!

#7 Did you know that feeling over fatigued could be a symptom of oral infections too?

When your body is thriving to fight against an infection, it gets overworked and makes you feel exhausted in the process. Since exhaustion could be due to an infection within the body, proper diagnosis is of utmost necessity. When your medical reports have steered clear of ailments or infection in other parts of the body, it would be a good idea to visit your dentist in Watertown to figure out if the fatigue is caused by an abscessed tooth or a gum disease.

In all the above situations, the very first thing you do is make an ‘emergency dentist near me’ search that gives you the contact details of all the dental offices and dentists in your area who provide emergency services in your area. Choose your preferred dentist in accordance with your convenience (considering location, services provided and so on).