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How To Drink Flavored Water Without Damaging Your Teeth

flavored water drinking tips
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Flavored water is known for softening the enamel of your teeth. Consequently, they are responsible for tooth erosion. This is due to the acid content in flavored waters. While many may consider flavored water as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks to keep themselves hydrated, acids like citric acids and other fruit acids react with the enamel of the teeth to make it softer. Fortunately, you still may not have to cut off flavored water completely. You just have to be aware of the following tricks, to help you drink flavored water without damaging your teeth.

Keep it as your alternative hydration drink

Do not let flavored water be your primary hydration drink. You must consider drinking enough water during the day, and have flavored water occasionally. The acids present in flavored water, which we have previously talked about, are known to bring down calcium levels and other necessary minerals in the water. These minerals are vital for your body. Therefore, it is rather advised that you intake flavored water only during or after your meals. Replacing water with flavored water would not only erode your teeth drastically but would also deprive them of the necessary minerals like calcium.

The excess sugar content is what would harm your teeth the most. Sugar reacts with existent bacteria in the mouth to create glucan, and this is what forms plaque on the tooth surface. This, in turn, leads to tooth decay. “The major cause of decayed teeth is that glucan is created from sugar by the bacteria existent in the oral cavity and it forms plaque by being attached to the surface of the tooth. Thus, teeth are decayed by those bacteria based on such plaque.” Thus, keep water as your primary mode of hydration!

Do not brush right away

Although you may think that brushing right after having flavored water would rinse the acid off, it would only make it worse. As mentioned earlier, the acids in flavored water soften the enamel. The bristles of your brush rubbing against the enamel of your teeth would only work as a catalyst to the erosion. This is why it is recommended that you take enough time before you brush your teeth after having flavored water. You may rinse your mouth with some water after having flavored water. Also, use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth, if you do have a regular habit of drinking flavored water.

Have some milk during the day

Since flavored water is known to soften the enamel of your teeth and also reduce the calcium levels in your water, it is advised that you have some milk during the day or just before going to sleep. Milk is rich in calcium, and it makes up for the number of calcium levels that you may have lost throughout the day by drinking flavored water. Also, calcium is known to make the teeth strong. Thus, with the flavored water softening your enamel, the milk would help in hardening it up.

Use a sipper

Most dental experts suggest that you should be having an acidic drink with a straw, to prevent the acidic drink from coming in contact with your teeth. However, drinking some water with a straw doesn’t make much sense to you, right? So, use a sipper. Sippers are almost as effective as straws when it comes to protecting your teeth from acidic drinks. Just make sure you take the sipper well inside your mouth and tilt your head back when you drink your flavored water. This prevents any chance of the drink coming in contact with your teeth.

The best remedy for tooth erosion is to obviously cut off flavored water from your diet, completely. However, we understood your thirst for it, and hence, listed out the four strategies that would still protect your teeth, if you cannot cut it off completely! Just ensure that you abide by each of them, and you would still have that beautiful smile!