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Getting Same Day Dentures: What To Expect From Your Dentist

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As the name itself suggests, same day dentures are a boon nowadays, as it helps you to cut down on the several number of dental visits! Also known as immediate dentures, they are custom prepared by your dental office before your natural damaged tooth is removed. Basically, the concept is to let you walk out of the dental office with the new set of teeth on the very day of your visit to your dentist. Simply put, the procedure is – taking the impression of your natural teeth first, preparing the custom made dentures in the lab (provided your dental office has a lab of their own) and removing your damaged natural teeth to replace them with the set of dentures.

There are a few things to remember while you are going in for same day dentures in Carthage NY. In this post, some of them have been discussed. One needs to have a clear stand on some of the facts that have been discussed hereafter.

Does my plan cover the service?

Same day dentures are expensive. Most insurance authorities do not provide coverage for same day dentures. Since this is an extra privilege that actually raises the cost and not an emergency service, insurance coverage is not provided. However, on an average, insurance parties do pay about 50% of your denture costs and almost 70 to 80% of the extraction costs. So, if you do have a dental insurance, the clinic providing immediate dentures need to be within the network.

How long to wait for the new set of dentures?

This is the prime factor that lets you decide whether to go in for the same day dentures! If your purpose is merely cosmetic, you could go for any type as per your choice. But, if it is not so, for instance, in case of a health issue such as a gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis ), you might not be able to afford waiting for a couple of weeks. This is where same day dentures become a dire necessity.

All you have to do is get an appointment at some time early in the morning. They will at first take the impression of your teeth. While doing this, you might face the problem of gag reflex. Here, you can try outing a trick – straightening your legs out and pointing your feet (toes) towards your head. This greatly helps to prevent and stop the gagging. After this your dentist would extract your teeth and then have you come back later in the afternoon to get your custom-made dentures fitted into your mouth. You just need to find out exactly how they go about the entire procedure because each same-day clinic has a different approach.

An overall evaluation of the same day dentures would impart to you a clear idea on this restorative (or cosmetic) dentistry procedure. In order to do so, we must take a look into the pros and cons of same day dentures technology.

The Pros

  • You do not have to stay without visible teeth at any point of time.
  • No dietary changes are required as your original set of teeth will be replaced immediately.
  • Post the extraction of your teeth, dentures help in protecting your gums.

The cons

  • They are much more costly than traditional dentures.
  • Since the gums shrink after healing, therefore, immediate dentures usually need several adjustments even after being fitted into your mouth perfectly.
  • Since gums are swollen after teeth extraction, immediate dentures are often very uncomfortable to put on.

Dentures come in a wide variety. If you don’t find your search results for ‘same day dentures near me’ affordable enough, you might opt for the traditional dentures (removable full teeth replacements) or implant dentures (fixed full teeth replacements, supported on either side by titanium posts). These options are available as same day dentures are not suitable for all mouth health conditions. Nevertheless, when it comes to saving your priceless time – immediate dentures are the best option!