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Full-arch dental implants

Who Should Opt For A Full-Arch Dental Implant?

If you have tooth decay or tooth loss, you need a full arch dental implant, which allows you to restore your facial structure effectively. A full-arch dental implant helps in reforming an entire arch of missing teeth. But have you ever thought if you are actually eligible for a dental implant like this? Let’s explore who should opt for a full-arch dental implant. 

What Is A Full-Arch Dental Implant? 

A full-arch dental implant is a suitable tooth replacement option. It tends to have two major parts: dental implants and replacement teeth. With the help of full-arch implants, you can get better chewing capabilities compared to dentures. Once the implants are placed, they connect to your upper and lower jawbones like natural teeth. 

Who Can Get A Full-Arch Dental Implant? 

Dental implants are permanently inserted into your gums and bones, giving your gums and bones the support it needs, thereby transforming your oral health. Also, they transform your facial appearance, boosting your self-confidence like never before. People who have lost a lot of teeth are more likely to opt for a more permanent solution, unlike dentures. Patients with multiple missing teeth are considered the most suitable candidate for full-arch dental implants. On the other hand, if you have dentures and want to switch to another mode of treatment, you can also get full-arch dental implants. However, you become the most eligible for dental implants if you lack most teeth in your upper or lower arch. In these situations, you must visit our dental professional for expert guidance regarding when to get implants. 

How Many Implants Do I Need For A Full Upper Arch?

The dentist will attach four dental implants to your jaw in a full-arch dental implant. These implants anchor the restorations in place. They will be strategically selected in each upper and lower jaw to give you the necessary support for your jawbones after tooth loss. For instance, dentists tend to use over two to six dental implants if you need a full arch dental implant. These full-arch dental implants last for over 15 years and are considered very durable.

Benefits Of Having A Full-Arch Dental Implant

When talking about full or partial dentures, patients are often in a dilemma regarding ways to improve their dental situation. Full-arch dental implants are the best solution if you have lost multiple teeth and want to transform your smile and facial appearance. It offers the following benefits and is as follows: 

  • The foremost benefit of getting full-arch implants is that it’s cost-effective. Getting a full arch implant is more effective than getting a single dental implant.
  • The durability of these full-arch dental implants ranges from 10-15 years. If you maintain your oral health properly, you will likely stay longer. 
  • Full-arch dental implants have a faster healing time. Your dentist will give your the necessary medications to heal the pain that initially stays after the surgery. 
  • The health of your jawbones becomes optimized with the help of full-arch dental implants, especially if you have lost multiple teeth. 

The Final Verdict 

Full-arch dental implants look and feel like they are your natural teeth. If you think you need this implant, you might wonder why you need them when you have options like dentures or partial dentures. But getting a full arch dental implant becomes the most effective if you have lost a lot of teeth because of tooth decay. It’s good for oral health, can prevent bone loss effectively, and is more of a permanent solution. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to get a proper understanding as to whether you need full-arch dental implants or not. Don’t neglect your tooth loss; get a dental implant instead.