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Wisdom Teeth Removed

Know The Major Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

While most individuals fear having their wisdom teeth removed, it is sometimes necessary. You should educate yourself about the situations that may demand wisdom teeth extraction so that you can approach your dentist without reluctance. We’ll go over some of the most common indicators that you need your wisdom teeth removed in this blog.

Stiffness In The Jaw

Wisdom teeth can push against the existing teeth in your mouth when they erupt. This pressure may cause your adjacent teeth to shift out of their proper locations, causing discomfort in your jaw and mouth. If you do not get treatment from a dentist for your discomfort, the problem may worsen, and you may have pain. When the pain becomes unbearable, your dentist may be forced to remove the wisdom teeth causing the problem.

Gum Sensitivity

Wisdom teeth growth causes tooth crowding in many individuals. The shortage of room available to accommodate the growing and existing teeth causes crowding. Wisdom teeth will cause pain in your mouth and jaw as a result. Gums can also become very sensitive to cold, heat, and pressure, according to dentists. Inflammation, pain, and soreness make brushing and eating difficult, and infection will develop quickly. As a result, if you feel that your wisdom teeth are causing your gum sensitivity, you should have them removed as soon as possible.

Immense Pain In The Wisdom Tooth

If you have pain around wisdom teeth while eating or drinking or at odd times throughout the day, consult a dentist about having the wisdom tooth removed. Tell your dentist how much pain you’re in and how long you’ve been in it. Your dentist will do an oral examination to assess whether wisdom tooth extraction may relieve your pain.

Tooth Decay Or Damage

If your wisdom tooth is causing neighboring teeth to deteriorate or get damaged, you may need to contact a dentist to have it removed. An impacted wisdom tooth, for example, might cause adjacent teeth to shift out of place and become difficult to clean. If suitable treatment is not performed, the decay that results can quickly spread to other teeth. A permanent option in this scenario would be for your dentist to pull the wisdom tooth.

Infections In The Tooth

Wisdom teeth that are causing problems can lead to recurrent tooth infections in the area. Several causes could contribute to this recurrence, but the most probable reason is that your wisdom tooth in the afflicted location did not grow properly, allowing germs to flourish.

A visit to the dentist could provide insight into the causes of recurrent tooth infections. If the recurring infections are caused by the wisdom teeth, the wisdom tooth will be extracted before it causes more serious oral health problems.

Impacted Wisdom teeth

A wisdom tooth that erupts crookedly is called an impacted wisdom tooth. The impacted wisdom tooth can cause sensitivity, pain, inflammation, and damage to the surrounding teeth because its angle of growth differs from that of the teeth that have already grown. In this case, your dentist will extract the wisdom tooth to ensure that your remaining teeth are not harmed by the troublesome wisdom tooth.

Elective Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When wisdom teeth have not yet established deeply embedded roots, many people prefer to have them removed. This procedure is preferable to waiting for teeth that have shown indicators of being problematic to begin generating difficulties. According to dentists, if the problem wisdom teeth will be extracted sooner or later, it is significantly better to remove them sooner while they are still loose in your jaw.

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth extracted, nor do they need all of their wisdom teeth extracted. However, in some cases, wisdom teeth that have developed in the mouth must be extracted. If you notice any of the indicators that one or more wisdom teeth are posing a threat to your dental health, contact Long Falls Dentistry right away. Your top Carthage dentist will examine your wisdom teeth and plan a tooth extraction surgery so that you don’t suffer unnecessarily.