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pregnant woman

Gum Disease Could Have a Link with Pregnancy, Know How it Can Be Harmful

A woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes while being pregnant, thus, it gives rise to certain dental problems and maternal periodontal disease is one of them. The plaque that builds up irritates the gum tissues and make them fragile which leads to bleeding. Therefore, a pregnant woman must be extra cautious when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene or else it can affect the baby’s health as well.

Most women experience minimal complications during pregnancy and gingivitis could lead to something serious. We have elucidated how gum disease can affect the health of a pregnant woman in this post.

Gum Disease Could Cause Miscarriage

Sometimes, a lot of women pay the most amount of heed to their diet and physical health during pregnancy, but they forget to look after their dental health. There are three stages of gum disease which are known as gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. Our gum tissues, teeth and the bones get highly affected during these stages due to bacteria formation. And when a pregnant woman goes through such a dental problem, the germs reach the bloodstream and then travels to the womb which may increase the chances of miscarriage.

It Can Lead to Stillbirth

We have already mentioned above that gum disease can cause bleeding. You might feel that the problem is ordinary, but it is not that petty all the time. If you are pregnant and are suffering from gum disease, let your dentist know about it because bleeding of gums can affect your immune system which will make you weak. And poor immunity power can lead to stillbirth.

Premature Birth

Infected gums and pregnancy is a threatening combination. It highly affects the health of your baby and his/her life could be at risk if the little one is born prematurely. The baby’s body temperature could fluctuate or else breathing issues and lung disease can come into the picture.

This is How You Must Take Care of Your Dental Health During Pregnancy

  • You might find it difficult to do the regular tasks while being pregnant but do not forget to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Do not skip your dental visits at any cost. In fact, get your mouth examined during your trimester. This way, your dentist will be able to figure out if anything goes wrong so that it can be cured in time.

If you are pregnant and looking for some oral tips, then call us today 315-497-6316. We will tell you how to keep your dental health intact.