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dental cleaning - deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning Can Develop the Condition of Your Gums, Know Why it is Essential

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems faced by people and it could lead to some serious health issues if not treated on time. There are a quite a lot of treatments which are performed to stop the severity of gum disease from escalating and one of them is deep cleaning.

Today, we will be giving our readers an insight into dental cleaning and let them know how it can cure periodontal disease. Just like our body, even our mouth should receive an equal amount of attention. So, do not forget to pay heed to your oral health.

This is How Deep Cleaning Can Improve the State of Your Gums

The rigid tartar and yellow plaque which form around the gum line slowly start giving rise to inflamed and red gums which is extremely painful. A deep cleaning treatment will ease the pain and also reduce the bleeding. It’s good to opt for it even if you have a mild gum disease because prevention is always better than cure.

Know About the Procedure

Dental deep cleaning is a non-surgical procedure which thoroughly cleans your teeth. The two steps which are involved during the procedure are root planning and deep scaling. The former washes away the bacteria and removes the tartar while the latter scraps out the plaque which take place below and above the gum line. The treatment is performed using both hand and ultrasonic instruments.

When is the Right Time to Go for Deep Cleaning?

Your dentist might ask you to go for a deep cleaning treatment if he/she sees a 3mm gap between your gums and teeth. The dentist will also check the amount of plaque that has got accumulated near the gum line. You may end up losing your teeth if you don’t opt for the treatment. So, do not wait for the condition to worsen.

Does the Procedure for Deep Cleaning Causes Discomfort?

We did mention above that it’s a non-surgical procedure, therefore, deep cleaning will not cause you any sort of discomfort. Nevertheless, there could be a bit of irritation if the plaque build-up is immense.

Periodontal disease can not only affect our mouth but can also cause harm to our body in several ways. It can trigger heart attacks as well. Thus, don’t take it for granted. Call us today 315-497-6316 and know how to prevent periodontal disease from occurring. We believe that oral hygiene should receive the utmost priority in order to lead a happy and peaceful life.