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Emergency Dental Care

How Would You Know That You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Are you suffering from severe dental problems? Then definitely you must give a call to your dentist immediately. But if you are currently dealing with serious dental problems, for example, bleeding or infections which can be dangerous, then you are certainly in need of an emergency dentist. 

But how do you judge whether your problems are either common or severe? Actually, they seem to be small issues in the first stage but can turn into a bigger complication within no time. Precise diagnosis from dental professionals is the best way to protect yourself from getting into greater trouble. Listed below are some of the situations when you must consider a dental emergency.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

1. Loose tooth

Are your teeth starting to feel loose? Then, there may be small things that could be occurring. It may be an indication of a tooth injury. This can be really painful. Another sign may be a localized infection. To understand what infection has actually occurred, visit your emergency dentist without further delay. 

​2.  Severe toothache 

The severity of your toothache gives a sign that it’s time to get instant relief. Without any delay see your dentist at once, since there are actually multiple reasons behind a severe toothache. Hence, appropriate diagnosis and proper treatment are crucial to getting relief from a toothache.

3.  Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed whenever you brush or floss, that isn’t ‘normal’ at all. It can detect a sign of gum infection or gingivitis. However, if there is excessive and frequent bleeding, that is resulting in pain in the gum – then you ought to pay more attention to it. Along with that, your dentist will need to examine what’s actually going on.

4.  Swollen jaw

When your jaw swells, it sends a serious sign of infection- one among them is salivary gland infection. Apart from a swollen jaw, if you are experiencing a bad taste in your mouth, or difficulty in breathing or swallowing, and fever, then you must contact your dentist instantly. 

5. Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that occurs in the tooth and causes an infection that may affect other surrounding tissues. This, may, in fact, result in tooth sensitivity, swelling in the face, fever, persistent toothache, or a pimple-like bump on your gums just beside the infected tooth. Emergency dental care is a must for this condition!

6. Cracked or Fractured Teeth

This normally indicates that damage has been done to the inner portion of the tooth and also to the outer part. Serious fractures are so painful that sometimes even the tooth cannot be saved. Consult with your dentist immediately to receive proper treatment and get rid of the pain.

7. Mouth tastes like metal

This in fact, actually indicates that one of the old fillings inside your mouth has either loosened or cracked. An open filling could definitely cause more cavities and infections or even worse and may require a root canal treatment. Seeking emergency dental service in this situation is recommended!

Avoiding Emergencies!

Always practice healthy oral care habits and also go for regular dental check-ups. An individualized treatment plan can be made to address any kind of dental problem before they convert into an emergency. 

Get the Help you need!

You can get in touch with Long Falls Dentistry if you are looking to receive the best emergency dental care in Carthage, NY. Our emergency dentist in Carthage will discuss the treatment plan in detail so that you can opt for the option that suits you the best! We always make sure that you receive treatment in a relaxing environment and achieve your best oral health. We are just a call away.