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Dental Implant Treatment

Everything you need to know about Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular treatment for tooth loss. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of causes, including poor dental hygiene, plaque and tartar accumulation, tooth decay, and gum disease. Dental implants are made up of an artificial tooth root that is implanted into your jawbone, providing a permanent, solid foundation and structure for a new tooth.

An implant differs from previous tooth replacement alternatives in that it replaces not only the tooth but also the root.

When you lose a tooth and do not replace it, it causes a chain reaction of changes. One small alteration will lead to another, and the entire dynamic of your teeth and mouth will change. Shifts in your bite can cause difficulties with your dental occlusion (the way your teeth come together), which can cause a slew of issues that influence your life in ways other than your mouth.

Importance of Dental Implants

Dental implants are required when you have lost teeth but are unable or unable to acquire dentures, bridges, or crowns. It is critical to replace a lost tooth since the implications of removing/losing a tooth and doing nothing can escalate into a much greater problem over time. Dental implants have numerous cosmetic advantages, but they also play a significant part in the overall operation of your mouth. Dental implants help to maintain a healthy bite by holding each tooth in place while also supporting a healthy jawbone and avoiding bone degeneration. When a tooth is lost or extracted without being replaced, the jawbone might degenerate. This occurs because the pressure and stimulation of chewing are what protect the jawbone in the first place.

Dental implants may also appear to be necessary from a cosmetic standpoint. You may be self-conscious about the appearance and feel of your smile, and dental implants can help. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are crucial and being able to eat comfortably (particularly at social events), smile, and laugh without discomfort, concern, or holding back are important.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have several benefits. As previously said, they may significantly boost your self-esteem while also acting as your natural tooth/teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth, may increase your confidence, are long-lasting, convenient, and contribute to your overall dental health. They also help you with your voice, comfort, and chewing abilities. When opposed to alternatives such as dentures, dental implants do not require removal and allow you to brush, floss, eat, drink, and sleep while they are in place.


If you believe a dental implant would be right for you, book an appointment with Long Falls Dentistry. Our specialized dentists can advise you on whether a dental implant is essential and, ultimately, develop the best treatment plan for you.