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Advantages of Invisalign

Advantages of Invisalign

Advantages of Invisalign

Being in the profession of dentistry for quite a long span, we as an organization have often come across people getting confused about why to go for invisalign. This is perfectly normal as lack of knowledge always leads to confusion and several whimsicalities. Keeping all such things in mind we have decided to discuss the advantages of invisalign in this blog. Going through it will not just help you to gain clarity about the topic but will also answer all questions in your mind regarding invisalign.

First off, let us talk about what invisalign actually is. It is a specific type of orthodontic treatment which is used to achieve a perfect smile. Invisalign is used for patients who have a slight misalignment in their teeth such as under bite, overbite, cross bite etc. It is done with help of using clear plastic aligner trays which gradually move the teeth into a proper alignment. If you use invisalign just know that the trays can be removed very easily once you achieve a healthier and attractive smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

The advantages of using invisalign over traditional braces are being discussed in the pointer below:

      • Comfort – The first and foremost advantage of using invisalign is the comfort it has to offer. As mentioned earlier, these trays are made up of smooth plastic which makes them much easier to carry if compared with the metal braces. It is custom made to fit your teeth has no sharp edges, lessening the chances of any sort of mishaps.
      • Appearance – Next in order is the appearance of invisalign trays. They are invisible and as a result doesn’t lessen the beauty of your smile. On the contrary, usage of metal braces makes your smile unattractive as awkward chunks of unsightly metal are visible every time you open your mouth.
      • Saves time – You will be pleased to know that with using invisalign you will now have to spend less amount of time at the dental clinic. The sole reason behind this being they need to be maintained after a span of six months.
      • Safety – The metal braces generally consist of wide and protruding bits of metal that can scratch or puncture the insides of the gums and mouth. This doesn’t happen in case of invisalign. These trays are clean and smooth and don’t include any sort of sharp metal edges. Hence, the chances of any sort of internal injury caused by them is considered null.
      • Improved cleanliness – You must have read in the earlier section of the blog that invisalign trays can be removed with ease. So when you decide to brush or floss, just remove the tray, clean your teeth and pop it back in> in this way both your teeth and the trays can be well maintained leading to an on-point oral health.
      • No restriction on food – Another very prominent benefit of using invisalign is there are no off-limits when it comes to eating food. This is a problem which you will face in case of using other teeth straightening options such as the conventional metal braces.
      • Effectiveness – Invisalign is very effective and yields desired results. This is why it has become so popular in today’s time.

You must now be aware of the advantages of using invisalign over other options of teeth straightening options. You should also know that the process of fitting clear trays is pretty easy. So shed all your fear and start treading on the path of achieving your desired smile. In case you are looking for a dental clinic to get an invisalign in and around New York, get in touch with Long Falls Dentistry. We are adept at providing top-notch dental services at an affordable price. So contact us to fulfill any of your requirements.