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healthy smile

Towards A Healthier Smile: 5 Tips For Your Family

healthy smile

Do your family members brush together? If not, they should. Did you know that brushing together with the family motivates your child to brush properly? Do you know that having a glass of milk before going to bed might go very well with your teeth?

Turns out that you’re as clueless as most others when it comes to putting in some extra care for your family’s dental health! So, to clue you in, here are 5 amazing tips to improve your family’s dental health, which anyone can abide by!

1. Brush and floss twice a day

You’re saying, “Oh, we do that anyway!” Great! But many out there do exist who don’t brush and floss twice a day. You must brush and floss twice a day. In the morning- to kill off the bacteria that has feasted in your mouth all night long, and at night- to go to bed with a clean mouth to prevent a bacterial party in the first place!

If you or one of your family members does not feel motivated to follow this routine, it is suggested that you all brush together. You know, just to make it a little more fun!

2. Use a fluoride toothpaste 

Fluoride is known to strengthen the enamel, keep bacteria way and is the key to healthy teeth. This is why you should opt for fluoride toothpaste for your entire family, the next time you visit the store. If you have a kid, don’t worry. Fluoride is good for your little one’s teeth as well and it would only make their teeth stronger and harder!

3. Have some milk and go out with your family on a sunny morning!

What does this have to do with dental health? Well, it does- just not the way you’d imagine! Milk is rich in calcium and calcium is known to strengthen your teeth. To absorb this calcium, you also need Vitamin D, which could be found in plenty in sunlight. Now you know?!

4. Choose water over drinks 

Most fruit drinks and sports drinks are sugary and acidic, which only attracts bacteria in your teeth and softens the enamel. This is why you should choose water over these drinks at all times! Water helps in producing saliva, which is crucial to keep your mouth clean and keep bacteria away.

5. Get a family dentist

Pay enough attention to your family’s oral health. Be known as the family with the best smile! Thus, choose a family dentist whom you can visit at least twice a year. Visiting the dentist twice a year helps you to maintain good oral health for your family, and keeps your family’s dental health at its peak! If you reside in Carthage, Fort Drum or Watertown, click here to find the best family dentist!