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things to do after an Oral Surgery

9 Measures You Need to Take After Your Root Canal

41,000 root canals are performed in the U.S, that figures out to be 15 million every year.
Root canal, the last resort to your decayed tooth, which cannot be even managed with simple filings or by any other way, is corrected with advanced techniques by the professional dentist.

Root canal therapy; guarantee that crown has been placed properly for strength and support. Proper care needs to be taken after root canal otherwise if your tooth fractures or splits then the tooth need to be extracted.

Well, you know what you can expect during a root canal.

Root canal treatment follows up many steps:

  • If dentist thinks that you need a root canal then he will X-ray to see where the decay is located.
  • A dentist will locally apply anesthesia in the teeth.
  • An incision is made and diseased tooth pulp is removed.
  • Roots that have been opened to remove the diseased pulp and the place is filled with gutta-percha and then sealed off with cement.

Measures that need to be taken to protect the tooth:

  1. When you undergo the process of root canal then the interior portion of the tooth gets affected, which thereby weakens the entire tooth structure. In order to protect the intact tooth structure dentist restore your tooth with the help of “cap”. This enables the surrounding tissue to heal up completely.
  2. After root canal treatment, don’t consume any kind of hard crunchy foods, this can increase the risk of damaging any kind of temporary fillings that your teeth might have undergone. Hard foods can damage any tooth filling.
  3. After root canal surgery your teeth and gum require special attention, if you brush roughly then, tender gums will start to bleed.
  4. Do not force to floss this, may hurt your gum and will give you pain.
  5. Take medicines, especially painkillers or some kind of anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, acetaminophen to control your discomfort and relieve you from pain.
  6. It is suggested to sleep with your slightly elevated for the first few days succeeding to the procedure if you are not afflicted from any physical limits.
  7. Do not smoke for 24 hours or intake alcohol, because these can strain your tender gums.
  8. Rinse your mouth with warm water, your affected tooth will stay sensitive to any kind of pressure and you can feel the pain.
  9. You can experience a small pain with a little amount of inflammation near the gum tissues. Don’t get panic as this is a normal way of draining out excess fluid that had remained accumulated due to swelling process. After some days the pain will subside.

These are certain essential tips if you have gone under root canal. If you follow this precaution then you can heal your pain collapse within few days of time.

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