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7 Reasons for Bad Breath. Banish it now

Ever felt so embarrassing to talk to your closed one? Blame your bad breath for this.

How is bad breath caused?

Brushed quiet a lot more time and used too many mouthwashes but bad breath can still linger if you have halitosis.
Most of the bad breath in the mouth is caused by certain foods like:

  1. Breaking down of food particles around the teeth can increase the growth of bacteria and increase the pungent odor in your mouth. After digesting this kind of food like garlic or onion goes into the blood and affect your breath, hence causing bad breath.
  2. If you have skipped your meal for day long then you are sure to fire bad breath. Skipping meals not only causes the problem but the same time triggers many health harms.
  3. If you’re into smoking or nurturing any other unpleasant habits like drinking, then the smell lingers in the mouth.
  4. Maintenance of poor oral health or skipping oral hygiene can increase the growth of bacteria. A sticky film of bacteria, we call it as dental plague will eventually settle into your mouth.
  5. Saliva is the cleansing agent in your mouth, but some people have a tendency of decreased saliva, which results in dry mouth. Chronic dryness in mouth or xerostomia causes the problem in salivary glands and other diseases.
  6. Infections in your mouth sometimes can cause bad breath, which has been caused due to gum diseases, tooth decay or mouth sores.
  7. Diseases like pneumonia, diabetes, acid flux or chronic strain can give you bad breath.

Prevent bad breath with following measures:

  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene, like brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, before you go to sleep.
  • Stop smoking or in taking any tobacco based product in your mouth.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, sucking on candies that will help to generate saliva and hence curbing dry mouth.

If you still feel the persistence of bad breath then Long Falls Dentistry will diagnose to curb your problem.
Let the words of your mouth remain fresh.