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smile makeover this valentine's day

Know How Twinkling Teeth Can Work in Your Favor This Valentine’s Day

Don’t just wear attractive and dapper clothes to impress your date on the fourteenth of this month but also let your teeth stand out. A 2012 report stated that 57% Americans with well-aligned teeth had better chances than the ones with crooked teeth to get dates on a dating site. People not just notice the way you present yourself but they are also quite particular about oral hygiene.

Therefore, a set of sparkling white teeth could fetch you some bonus points this Valentine’s Day. Go ahead and follow the listed tips to mesmerize your date.

Chance of Another Date: You certainly would not want to meet your date only once if something clicks between you two. But he/she might reject you after seeing your corn like teeth. So, get a teeth whitening done if you are really looking forward to your upcoming date.

He/She will Get Comfortable: Patchy teeth are a big turn off and it can make the person around you uncomfortable. A set of healthy teeth with a sheen on them will not only make your valentine comfortable but can also attract them towards you.

More Conversations: A date turns out to be bland without proper conversations. Your yellow teeth may restrain your valentine from opening up. But you both can definitely enjoy each other’s company if your teeth are as white as milk.

A Memorable Meet: Don’t we all want to make a meetup memorable if the company is really good? Whiter and brighter teeth give you immense confidence which can be seen while you talk. Hence, imagine talking your heart out with your date on Valentine’s Day, it will be nothing short of an outstanding experience. You would want to recall it for years.

A Lot of Laughter: What can be better than a merry date on Valentine’s Day? You won’t hesitate at all before laughing or showing your grin. He/she will get positive vibes from you, and it will make the other person feel happy as well. So, indulge in a lot of laughter with your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.

A Warm Hug: We generally hug a person before taking a leave. Your date will definitely like you if you are interesting and have a set of clean & bright teeth. Thus, the date might end with a warm hug which could indicate towards something positive.

Maintaining white teeth is not only mandatory for Valentine’s Day because you should keep your teeth clean otherwise as well. Dial 315-497-6316 and know about the basic facts related to teeth whitening from us. We will also give free consultancy on the subject.