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emergency dentistry

Why Having an Emergency Dentist is Important

emergency dentistry

Imagine a situation where you knock out a tooth, have serious toothache and perhaps other severe oral health problem. When your dentist is unable to handle emergencies and you are unfamiliar with a nearby emergency dentist, you’ll search for help. The best choice is to meet with a dentist who is able to provide emergency care so that when a tragedy happens, you will have someone to count on.

Above all, you must fight the urge to take your oral pain to the emergency room. Emergency departments are ludicrously expensive and should be reserved in addition to dental trauma for those involved in major car accidents or other debilitating illness. The bottom line is that only an emergency dentist has the experience , knowledge, and dental equipment required to treat serious oral pain.


The best reason to visit an emergency dentist is possibly to save a damaged tooth. When your tooth has been kicked out of or dislodged from its socket, contact an emergency dentist as early as possible. The sooner you can get an emergency dentist, the better the chances of saving your tooth. When the tooth has been knocked out entirely, keep it in a glass of milk to help protect its quality. Ideally, any damaged teeth should be preserved so you don’t need to rely on artificial teeth like dental implants.


The dentist in charge of your dental emergency will treat the discomfort immediately. We understand how difficult oral health issues can be, particularly after an unpleasant experience such as a sporting accident, battle or other unpleasant event. An emergency dentist will examine your oral pain, offer relief and undertake the reconstruction or other improvement required to normalize your condition.


Although the toothaches can seem quite mild at first, they have the capacity to become very serious. If a  toothache continues, it’s an indicator that the tooth has substantial decay. Visit your emergency dentist to find out why your tooth is sore. If it’s decided that you have tooth decay, we ‘re going to remove it and relieve your discomfort. Put it another way, if you allow decay to carry on, the damage to the tooth will slowly escalate to the point that extraction may be the only option left over.

An infected tooth must be substituted with an implanted tooth, like a dental implant. This means more time in the chair of the dentist, and more amount spent on oral health. The better course of action is to have the dentist attend to your toothache and perhaps other oral health issue as soon as it develops so that you can reduce the pain and the possibilities for significant issues immediately.


While most oral health issues aren’t life-threatening, if untreated for an extended period of time, they can cause some serious problems. There is a chance that your dental condition will lead to an infection. That would be more likely to give up a damaged tooth. If the tooth is infected it may produce an abscess around the root of the tooth along with an infection. There might also be an infection in the gums. Mouth infections are uber-serious because they can easily turn into major problems affecting various parts of your body especially your head.

So don’t let tooth pain or swelling persist. Inflammation and/or toothache may just be signs of a far more severe underlying problem. The worst case is a bacterial infection that begins in the mouth and spreads to the stomach, jaw and brain. In addition, even sepsis can result from a bacterial infection, which can become life-threatening.

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