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Dental Emergency in Carthage

6 Dental Emergencies: All You Need To Know About Them

Dental emergencies can occur without warnings. Sometimes any injury to the gums and teeth can lead to long-term consequences. Hence they require immediate attention. Ignoring them could cause severe damage and might need elaborate dental treatments later on. Our dentists at Long Falls Dentistry have provided all the information on emergency dentistry in this blog.

Broken Teeth

This is one of the most frequent causes of the need for emergency dental care. To avoid infection and suffering, treating permanent tooth fractures as soon as they occur, especially those that extend into the tooth’s dentin layer is essential.

Complications After Dental Surgery

Following some dental treatments, such as a root canal or extraction, patients typically experience minor pain. After a day or two, if the discomfort is still present, call our dental office in Carthage right away. 

Lost Dental Fillings

Get immediate dental care to replace lost fillings. A missing filling can cause discomfort, swelling, and infection and may even damage or jeopardize a tooth. You may require extensive dental procedures or even a root canal if the tooth dentin is exposed for an extended time.

Constant Toothache

An infection of the dentin is usually present when a tooth is persistently hurting or keeps you up at night. If you experience any pain or discomfort, call your Carthage dentist immediately so that he can locate the problem and identify the right course of action.

Bleeding And Trauma

Have you or your child ever lost a tooth playing sports? We frequently observe many types of bleeding and trauma. Acute bleeding could occur if physical trauma dislodges the teeth. If you can bring the knocked-out tooth to our office right away, we might be able to salvage the permanent tooth. However, not all teeth can be put back into their sockets, necessitating additional care. If you recently had a tooth pulled, the bleeding should stop 24- to 48-hour period after the treatment. After that, if you still experience bleeding, call your dentist in Carthage since bleeding may need to be controlled by placing sutures in the socket.

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth sores can be uncomfortable even though they are not life-threatening. Try taking Tylenol if you have a mouth sore or are in pain. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean your mouth. It is a natural mouthwash that will eliminate any bacteria. But don’t swallow any of it. You can find several over-the-counter pain relievers at your neighborhood pharmacy. If you discover the sore isn’t healing properly or if it worsens, make an appointment with your Carthage dentist right away.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about dental emergencies. Get in touch with us at Long Falls Dentistry for the best dental emergency services in Carthage, NY.