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Best dental implants dentist in Carthage NY

5 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Best dental implants dentist in Carthage NY

A missing tooth can be a real pain to your appearance and to you, depending on how you lost the tooth in the first place! However, the physical pain may subside; but what about the pain of smiling with a tiny void?

That’s what dental restorations are for! But why are we going to discuss dental implants more specifically over the others? The answer is simple- nothing else comes close to replicating the looks and functions of your natural tooth. Besides, dental implants have a lot of other benefits.

The following benefits that we’re going to talk about are the benefits that dental implants have over any other dental restoration:

1. Immensely strong

Dental implants are stronger than any other dental restoration. They’re nearly as strong as your natural teeth. This means that there are hardly any diet restrictions associated with getting dental implants.

2. Nearly permanent

Dental implants are likely to be the last teeth that would come off when you grow older! However, with proper care, dental implants can even last a lifetime. How? Dental implants are amazing at osseointegration: the ability of a material to heal around the bone and surrounding tissues. This makes dental implants firmly rooted in your jawbone.

3. Convenient

Here’s a quick quiz for you: what requires to be taken out to get brushed and brings a whole lot of maintenance, replacement, and embarrassment alongside? Yes, dentures! Another one: what requires some part of your natural tooth to be sacrificed in order to fit in? Dental bridges; yes, great! Last one: what requires none of these and rather feels like a natural tooth? Did you say “a dental implant”? You’ve got some impressive knowledge of dentistry!

4. Preserves your facial features

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone underneath starts to recede and the remaining teeth start to shift after some time. You can prevent teeth shifting with a dental bridge but how can you stop your jawbone from receding? For that, you need something that’s rooted in your jawbone to stop it from receding. In dentistry, this ‘something’ is known as a dental implant!

When you’re considering restoring a lost tooth, there’s no better option to choose than to get dental implants. Don’t let multiple missing teeth fool you into believing that you need 32 implants to restore them all! With All-On-4 implants, you can restore all your teeth on either jaw with just 4 implants!

Has this article debunked some myths that you believed about dental implants? Perhaps, there’s more left to be debunked. We leave the rest to a professional restoration dentist who would love to debunk them all for you. To get a consultation, you can get the best dental implants dentist in Carthage NY!